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Shaunda Sutton Lumpkin

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Shaunda Sutton Lumpkin

Film Distibution
Shaunda Sutton Lumpkin
joins the NIFF family with over 2o years of experience in Film Distribution through her position as Director of Sales at 20th Century Fox Film, Inc. She began her illustrious career as a Fox Film Sales Trainee upon her graduation from Howard University in Washington, D.C. Mastering all facets of Film Distribution, Shaunda was hired out of the Sales Trainee program as part of the startup of Fox Searchlight Pictures. After a wildly successful run on the international hit, The Full Monty, Shaunda returned to “Big Fox”with a promotion to Branch Manager. In this role and most recently Director of Sales, she expanded sales in theatrical and non-theatrical venues throughout the East Coast, South and MidWest. She has marketed and distributed blockbuster films like Avatar, Deadpool, Independence Day, Cast Away, and The Martian; targeted releases like: The Revenant, Gone Girl, Red Tails, Life of Pi, Joy, and Passion of the Christ and award-winning franchises including Star Wars, X-Men, Ice Age, Taken, Rio, Alvin & the Chipmunks, Big Momma’s House, Night at The Museum and Planet of the Apes.

Shaunda Sutton Lumpkin has served on the Executive Board of News Corporation’s Diversity Team and Mentoring Program, the Executive Board of the Motion Picture Club, and is co-founder of the Mama Luke Movement for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Shaunda Sutton Lumpkin is the Youth Minister at Clear View Baptist Church and is the southward coordinator of the newly formed Youth and Young Adult Alliance, both located here in the great city of Newark, NJ.