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When a pair of good natured illegal cable hustlers snatch a bag filled with illegal ‘Stuff’ they find themselves thrust in the path of a cell of corrupt cops who are hell-bent on recovering the bag to help settle a score with the Iris Mob.   The scheming, cell of cops hatch a plan to take out an unexpecting latin cartel however things go wrong and the bag falls into the hands of the illegal cable hustlers. The action comes fast as the duo find themselves deep in the world of underground criminal behavior and deceit as the walls quickly close between the cops, the cartel and an ever changing cast of others. What the duo find, is that in quest of trying to gain everything they can easily lose whats most important to them including their very own lives.

‘The Stuff’ is a great blend of Action, Suspense and Dark Comedy. 

86 mins |Directed by - Joseph C Grant | Written by  -  Rob Stapleton | Exec Produced by -  Rob Stapleton | Produced by    Jamel ‘Mel City’ Thornton |DP  -  Roc Davis |Fish Grease Entertainment LLC Mel City Productions 

Al Thompson, Rob Stapleton, Tobias Truvillion, Dana Watkins, Nicolas Tucci, Michael Blackson, Gary Sturgis, Murda Mook, Melyssa Ford, Alberto Vazquez, Danny Garcia, Omar Salgado, Jacinto Riddick, Charlie Baltimore, Corey Fernandez, Karmia Berry, Steven Fernandez