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Sink or Swim: The Perilous Journey
In their desperate attempt to fulfill their dreams: many have perished.
thousands risk their lives as they trek through the Sahara and brave the Mediterranean in a bid to reach Europe.  Sadly, 90% never make it.



Quiet As Kept
After years of being estranged, recovering alcoholic Joyce Bryant and daughters Dee and Candace are forced back under the same roof where time and secrets held too long have eroded the bonds of family.  The tensions in the house mount as Candace finds an old crush has morphed into something deeper, and Dee finds herself falling for sexy newcomer Harper.  The once inseparable sisters see new romantic relationships budding, but find lies and secrets from the past and present may make it all fall apart. The secrets may break them, but love and bringing the truth to light will make them whole.



A Film About Brotherly Love, Sacrifice & Temptation, in the Midst of Hatred & Prejudice, From Those Who Took an Oath to “Protect & Serve”.



The Yaku and the Undefeated
After a long, work-related separation, two young martial artists go on a much needed romantic date, but their night turns deadly when they must contend with a junior monk who is bent on revenge for the death of his steroid-dealing brother.



Lost Souls
“With all the odds against you and your back is against the wall, who can you trust? Who can you turn to? Tanner is an 8 year old boy who struggles with the violence, crime and police brutality that surrounds his community on a daily basis. Although he is young, he has a voice that is destined to change lives and be heard. Will Tanner be able to influence and change the life of a hardcore orphan named Ace, whose life is filled with mayhem, ruthlessness and tragedy? Torn between the streets and her heart, will she find redemption or just become another Lost Soul?”


Golden Five
Maki, Kata and Jiji are loyal friends who believe in their youthful ideals. However, when Maki and Kata announce their engagement, Jiji becomes jealous. In the period of communist liquidations, there is an unsolved murder of five students, one of them being Maki. 65 years later, Alavantie, as a witness and a researcher, returns to his homeland with the “Golden Five” dossier. His secrets and knowledge bring additional tension in Kata’s and Jiji’s married life.


A film about a young female college professor who struggles to manage her schizophrenia while looking for love.
DJ, a 25 year old Data Associate, once had dreams of being a famous photographer. Thru life events, his passion for pursing the dream dwindled. He’s now stuck living a routine life of responsibility, until he meets an old friend from high school who hasn’t given up on his dream. DJ then becomes inspired to fight for his dream.
In this futuristic thriller based around resistance against a tyrant government that’s propagating religious, political, and racial polarization and xenophobia, a Muslim immigrant flees The West in hopes of leaving his secretive past behind to implement his vision of creating a New World Order and preventing WWIII from happening.


Silk City Falls
An Information Extractor hired by a mysterious drug cartel meets a young girl who will change his heart…but not his ways.


An FBI-trained neuropsychologist teams up with a thief to find a reality-altering device while her insane ex-boss unleashes bizarre traps to stop her.


A Peace Of The Action
A comedic journey with two con artists finding their value in the community.
Life Is Too Short
A look at the lives of five New Yorkers dealing with a variety of life’s challenges and conflicts. Little do they know that all will be over soon. If you knew that the end of the world is about to come, would you do anything differently?


The Rhythm in Blue
Mason loves his fiancée, but he’s fed up with the stress of planning and preparing for the wedding.  Enough already! He needs a few days away.  He knows he should have just checked into the nearest hotel, but instead he finds himself driving south.  His destination? Jasmine’s house.  A few days away with a friend, he thinks, is just what the doctor ordered. Right?


Group Therapy
6 mentally disturbed people save each other.
Eddie Glum
In this nightmare style horror film a mentally disturbed man tries to survive in an abandoned suburb at the end of the world.


The Fearless One


Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers is a movie that will surprise you, on many levels. Every 10 minutes or so, there’s a disturbance of some kind, an unexpected event, which thwarts all pre-existing narrative trajectory out of orbit, spiraling viewers into a realm of uncertainty and continuing fascination.