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The NewarkIFF Foundation was formed in 2016 to be the non-profit arm for the Newark International film festival. Supported by the Newark Office of Film & TV and Ironbound studios, The Newark IFF Foundation serves as a year round 501 c3 training foundation for inner city youth and adults, helping them to understand and gain experience in the film & Television industry that  would not ordinarily be available to them.  We firmly believes that strong examples in the arts help to form the foundations of strong communities.

The NewarkIFF Foundation is a unique oportunity to offer hands on training plan  and film making experience targeted toward individuals who wish to pursue a career in the film industry within Newark & Essex County.  The only one of its kind in the New Jersey region, the Program supports an individual’s desires and creates an opportunity encouraging participants to utilize their time constructively while learning various trade skills.  Participants possessing a mechanical aptitude and knowledge coupled with a desire to learn are able to combine those abilities and benefit from the proposed training while gaining marketable skills and the hands-on experience necessary in the film industry.

The Program offers Skills Development as part of the curriculum in order to build learning, communication and personal maintenance skills.  Skills Development also helps individuals develop professional skills (e.g., interviewing techniques, time management and overall employee conduct).  Work related issues will be addressed to foster topics that include, but are not limited to:  productivity, appropriate business behavior and time/cost management on the job.  Participants will become familiar with workplace expectations while developing a positive attitude that will help to retain employment upon hire.

The foundation offers the following programs to youth and adults throughout the community

The Programs consist of three (3) major components:

  1. Industry Training;
  2. Business Management;
  3. Marketing and Planning;

Training and classes are scheduled Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Program teaches the components of Filming, Editing, Printing, Advertising & Marketing, Creating logos, Poster design and Artwork for printing.

  •  Filming
  •  Directing
  • Writing
  • Producing
  • Lights & Sound
  • Camera
  • Set design
  • Pre-production & Post production.


Business Management will include Business Accounting and Financial Management.  Participants will be taught the specifics of filmmaking - owning, managing, successful filmmaking and writing.  Participants in Business management classes will be given instruction on how to find products, crews, equipment, set locations; identify with the product they propose/create/sell; be aware of those they are selling and marketing to; and realize why the industry will buy from them.  Participants will learn how to price products according to market value before and after printing and/or filming.

A professional accounting firm will teach Business Accounting.  Classes will be scheduled bi-weekly on Fridays.  Participants will learn how to record and manage the finances of the business; how to set up a tax ID number; and how to prepare and file the required forms for business taxes.  Participants will learn the pros and cons of owning a Sole Proprietorship or Limited Liability Company (LLC).

A professional financial advisor will teach small business banking and money management. Classes will be scheduled bi-weekly on Fridays.  Participants will learn how to open and manage a business account; how to lease and/or buy equipment; and how to manage and grow business credit.  Participants will also learn how to separate personal and business finances and how to create a history of all business transactions.


The Program will teach participants how to use telephone solicitation to acquire new clients; how to use product placement to advertise a business name and reputation to the public; what makes your project different from another project; how to advertise in local newspapers and on the Internet; how to create, publish and maintain an Internet business-marketing strategy using ads, emails and network posts; how to canvas businesses and surrounding neighborhoods to provide information for a company.

The hands-on training approach to film making, offered by the Program, provides the most comprehensive education possible allowing each participant to choose specific components of the curriculum for their desired career path.

Participants are monitored and evaluated individually based on their performance, demonstrated willingness to learn, behavior and attendance, after training, participants will be assisted in finding a job in the related or a non-related field of choice.

In-House Projects:  NewarkIFF Foundation will focus on creating in-house projects that can be created from the development stages to the pre- and post-production stages, such as TV shows, independent films, major motion pictures, videos and commercials.

NewarkIFF Foundation will focus on ideas from participants and community involvement to develop and create projects to be filmed on-site and on-location in the city of Newark and surrounding areas.

Community Benefits:  Creating and filming a motion picture or television show may produce great economic gain for a city and its communities.  Newark businesses have benefited from previous projects.  Productions such as Cadillac records, War of the Worlds, The Sopranos, Annie and many more have filmed throughout the City.  With financial benefits going to the City and local businesses, the average resident does not often reap the benefits of these productions.   The goal at the NewarkIFF Foundation is to focus on community involvement and development; to help create jobs, foster respect and stimulate the self-worth of the residents of the City of Newark and the surrounding communities.