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Newark, N.J. 1887 Reverend Hannibal Goodwin Invented Celluloid Film at the Plume house on Broad Street as a way to make his Sunday school classes more exciting for his students and project the images on a wall. After creating this exciting invention, Rev. Goodwin realized that he had created the first moving picture and giving birth to the Motion Picture industry.

After filing for a US patent for his invention Rev. Goodwin started to reproduce and sell his film to many people in NJ, one main person is inventor Thomas Edison who had invented the first Motion Picture camera in what is now called Edison NJ.

Unfortunately, for Rev. Goodwin he was not good at paperwork and his patent process was unfairly stalled in the court system awaiting approval. While waiting on his approval George Eastman Invented and a similar film filed for a patent and rushed it into production, and creating the film industries’ largest film and camera company Kodak.

After many failed attempts and a loss of funding, Eastman Kodak realized that their film just did not work so the process was changed to make a better and more stable film but Rev. Goodwin already created the film that Eastman Kodak started to produce and market. Opening up a long lasting lawsuit for copyright infringement between Kodak and Rev. Goodwin. After many years in court and essentially going broke from legal fees and no sales, Rev. Goodwin died in a freak car accident on December 31, 1900

In 1900, Ansco Camera Company and Rev. Goodwin’s widow continued the lawsuit against Kodak and thus winning the patent infringement case against Gorge Eastman Kodak. In 1901 Kodak was ordered to pay five Million dollars (over a $100,000,000 in today’s market) and 5% of Kodak stock to Ansco and Rev. Goodwin’s widow making it at the time the largest legal settlement of its kind.

Invented celluloid film in Newark, NJ. In this house , now a National Registered Historic Place

The Plume House where celluloid film was invented by Hannibal Goodwin
Plume House rectory 407 Broad Newark, NJ