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Newark International Film Festival's Emerging Entrepreneurs in Film Social Media and TV
Chelsea D Host of Emerging Entrepreneurs. Newark International Film Festival 2018

DeVonne Jackson

Conscious Creator, Activist, Fire Escape Gardner, International Event Producer and the Founder of Positive Obsession, Inc.  a movement to spread environmental awareness and shift consumer choices. From owning a vintage boutique, styling celebrity clients and working in television production. I’ve witnessed my fair share of wastefulness. More than 15 million tons of textile waste is generated each year in the U.S. That’s approximately 80 lbs of discarded clothing per person per year into the landfill. P.O is a response to this environmental outcry. We curate sustainable fashion events, panels and swaps in Brooklyn and have partnered with organizations such as Grow NYC, Housing Works, Fashion Week Brooklyn, A&E Networks etc. Our goal is to debunk throw-away culture starting with our community. In 2018, P.O. became the grant recipients of The New York Citizen Committee Compost Grant to begin our textile compost research which we believe will cause a huge disruption in the way the industry, investors and consumers see fashion.  We exist to spark conversation around the small steps we can all take to make a change.

Anthony Frasier

Anthony Frasier is a tech entrepreneur, digital and innovative strategist, founder of Brick City Tech one of the largest meetup organizations in Newark, NJ and the CEO of ABF Creative, a media company that develops branded and original audio and voice experiences for Fortune 500 Companies. His mission is to leverage for creative campaigns that bring entertaining and positive transformations to as many lives as possible. With well over a decade of experience in tech, media, speaking and coaching aspiring entrepreneurs and students from underserved groups locally and internationally, he has developed a thoroughly different worldview.

Anthony shares with listeners and readers that success isn’t something external, it comes from within. You can create your own luck, no matter your background or lack of experience. He shares those messages through his critically acclaimed book titled “Don’t Dumb Down Your Greatness: A Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Thinking & Being Great.” Frasier’s motivational blueprint for young entrepreneurs of color has spread globally.

In USA Today, Anthony was described as a “Translator” for his ability to relate and inform communities that are largely excluded. Anthony finds the common threads between lessons he learned in the hard streets of Newark, NJ to the innovative clusters of Silicon Valley. Frasier serves as the entrepreneur in residence of Newark Venture Partners, a fund backed by Audible/Amazon. He helps to attract innovative tech startups to his hometown of Newark and incubate promising talent locally.

His successes and partnerships include Prudential Financial, AT&T, BET, Fast Company, TEDx, and The Congressional Black Caucus to name a few. Prior to Silicon Valley Anthony co-founded The Koalition, one of the first online video game publications for African Americans, and worked passionately as a journalist for several years.

Frasier also serves on the board of directors for the NY Tech Alliance, focusing on making the greater New York City area more inclusive.

Tiffany Nicole

Tiffany Nicole is a master of charisma and enthusiasm. From speaking with all the latest stars about who they're wearing at the Met Gala to chatting with SZA about her performance at the 2017 BET Awards, Tiffany Nicole is a pop culture aficionada to be reckoned with.

In 2014, Tiffany began as a Digital Coordinator for BET's CentricTV.com. With experience from previous roles at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, ESPN and MTV, it's no wonder how she quickly worked her way up to Interactive Manager, Producer, Editor and now Digital On Screen Host at BET.

She's a fanatic of all things Instagram, and when she's not on camera you can definitely catch her at a hipster thrift store digging through a pile of vintage windbreakers and blazers for her next look.

She's fun, she's real and she's full of energy! Tiffany Nicole is the next great thing coming to a panel, live event or on screen show near you.

Jasmine Mans

A voice that is both transcending and compelling.”

Jasmine has never been described as the quiet type. Her poetry has teeth. Her stories are told to evoke the emotional wellbeing of those who are apprehensive about culture, politics and social stigmas. When Mans performs, every stanza is delivered with passion and honesty. In 2012, Jasmine was chosen by Glamour Magazine, as one of their Top 10 Most Influential Woman in College. She has also successfully competed in HBO’s Russell Simmons