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Elite Stunt-women and Stuntmen in Hollywood

Warrington Hudlin (Moderator)
is a veteran producer of motion pictures, television, and online media. His work challenges the false dichotomy between social concerns and popular entertainment. Best known as the producer of the landmark African American films, HOUSE PARTY, BOOMERANG, and BEBE KIDS, and television specials, COSMIC SLOP and UNSTOPPABLE, Hudlin has built online communities and online media to utilize the disruptive power of the Internet to level the playing field for creative freedom.

As the founding president of BFF (aka the Black Filmmaker Foundation), Hudlin has been a pioneering community organizer in the black film movement for over three decades.

Hudlin is the Vice Chairman of the board of trustees of the Museum of the Moving Image where he curates two monthly film series, FIST & SWORD, CHANGING THE PICTURE, and annual film symposiums: “Massa’s Gaze” (2014), “Endangered by the Moving Image” (2015) and the “Color of Comedy” (2016) .

Warrington Hudlin grew up in the notorious city of East St. Louis and attended an experimental high school affiliated with the legendary artist/scholar, Katherine Dunham (who helped him get a scholarship that paid his tuition to Yale). Hudlin graduated from Yale with honors and was then mentored by two more legends, Melvin Van Peebles and Harry Belafonte.

Warrington Hudlin’s accomplishments are built on the foundation laid by his ancestors, beginning with his great-great-grandfather, Peter Hudlin, who escaped from a slave plantation in Virginia, married an indigenous woman from the Cherokee Nation, and became an agent in the US anti-slavery movement known as the Underground Railroad.

Their son and his great grandfather, Richard Hudlin (1858-1918), was a writer, newspaper publisher, and shortly before his death, became one of the world’s first black filmmakers.

Alyma Dorsey
Alyma started singing opera at 8 years of age which led to her Vocal Performance Degree at Florida State University. After playing on the Junior Olympic volleyball team, Alyma was recruited by Florida State University volleyball team. A budding modeling career soon approached and after graduating, her modeling agency moved her to New York. For 7 years, Alyma was extremely successful in the modeling industry, taking the runway by storm and gracing the covers and pages of many domestic and international magazines.

While living in New York Alyma also took on the health and fitness industry and became the personal training manager at Crunch Fitness. Alyma immediately started to establish a list of Celebrity clientele and quickly started co-hosting on different TV networks and writing magazine articles for well know fitness and fashion publications about Better Health and Wellness. Because of her success, Crunch Fitness moved Alyma to Los Angeles, CA to continue building the company’s brand and increasing revenue.

Alyma was proud to call Los Angeles home. Once moving to LA, Alyma’s modeling career took off again and because her list of celebrity clients was rapidly growing as well, Alyma started her own fitness company, Results By Alyma Inc., and has established herself as one of Los Angeles best Celebrity Trainers.

In 2008 Alyma decided to revisit her athletic career and in one year started playing tournaments for the AVP and CBVA as a professional beach volleyball player.

Alyma’s most recent love as a Stunt Actor began in 2012 when one of her celebrity clients, Quentin Tarantino, asked her to move to Louisiana while he shot his most recent movie , Django. While watching one of the best directors and stunt coordinators, Jeff Dashnaw in the business work, Alyma fell in love with the art of stunts and decided to pursue it full time. She has been a working stunt actor ever since.

Dametrius Angelo
Demetrius Angelo, born in our Nation’s Capital in the 1960’s among the residue of the Civil Rights Movement. During this time, his father was one of the first Blacks to integrate the Washington D.C Metropolitan Police Department which meant “Trouble” was not an option . In 1973, Demetrius began playing “Little League” sports which he credits as the catalyst for his zeal to live a healthy and active lifestyle. It was 1975 when Demetrius saw Bruce Lee on TV and immediately told his father that he wanted to do “That” so his dad took him down to the local Boys Club where he began what would be his life journey in the Martial Arts. The Korean art of Tang Soo Do was the initial Martial Art taught at the Boys Club and it was there he developed his love for Kicking. 1979 became a pivotal year for Demetrius as he was introduced to Master Donald S. Bitanga of the American Asian Combat System. Here, Demetrius learned several styles of Martial Arts which included: Okinawan Shorin-RyuKobayoshi Karate, American Free Style Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Chinese Boxing, Western Boxing, Largo DeManoEscrima and Kobudo. Demetrius obtained his 1st Degree Black Belt at 16 and began student-teaching at the dojo which birthed in him a love and zeal for teaching.

The 70’s were a very special decade for Blacks in film because it was then that Blacks were finally portrayed as the heroes on the Big Screen. With the emergence of pioneers such as Grand Master Ron Van Clief, the first Black man in Chinese Kung Fu films, to the likes of Jim Kelly and Fred Williamson tearing up the Silver Screen here in the States, it’s no wonder that Demetrius caught the bug to be an Action Star!

At 17, Demetrius moved to New York City to attend college and pursue his desire to perform in Action Films! NYC quickly became familiar to Demetrius, as his mother was born in the Bronx. Demetrius steadfastly resumed his study of the Martial Arts meeting such greats as Masters Andre “Ice Man” Brown, Dwayne Sudan Thomas and Malcolm Livingston of the Wolf Fox Fighting System now known as DFT. It was in 1991 that Demetrius would get very close to his film icons Bruce Lee and Steven Segal when he was introduced to Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu by Master Keith Maza and Sifu Dr. Gary Young and at that same time he also met the late Grand Master Bob Bute of the Jukido Jiu Jitsu, Grand Master David Jones of Grizzmatic Touch Ryu Jiu Jitsu and Grand Master Florend M Visitacion (Professor Vee) of VeeArnisJitsu. Training with these Masters, Demetrius increased vastly in his knowledge of Aikido, Judo, Jiu Jitus, Arnis and Wing Chun in which he credits as the foundation of his own art Scientific Tactical Defense along with Karate, Kobudo and Firearms Tactics.

Demetrius took the character lessons of the Martial Arts and applied them to his career in the Fitness industry as a Personal and Group Fitness Instructor developing his own brand of fitness called C4 Intense Training.

Demetrius appeared in his first Independent Action films in 1994 and in 1996 met “The Black Dragon” Ron Van Clief on set, who was instrumental in guiding Demetrius to his first national advertisement campaign for HBO. In 2003, Demetrius became frustrated with the lack of diversity and opportunity for people of color in Hollywood Action films, so he started his own Independent film production company named Action Scene Combat Productions and NYC Action Actors Academy to train Actors how to fight for the screen. As the past often meets us in the present, Demetrius partnered in 2004 with his long time friend and dojo brother, LaMard J Wingster, of Troopers Touch Films and with the same agenda of placing people of color in leading roles in the Action film industry, they combined forces to create ASC Troopers Touch Entertainment, offering full service media Production and Distribution services specializing in the Action genre. In 2013 Demetrius expanded his Diversity Initiative by founding the Urban Action Showcase and Expo celebrating diversity and the multicultural achievements within the genre of Heroes

Robert Samuels
Robert Samuels is an African American martial artist, actor, stunt coordinator and Action Director who speaks fluent Chinese. He began his film career in 1990 and he is the first African American stuntman to be inducted into the Hong Kong Stuntman’s Association and the founder of the first Western stunt team in Hong Kong history.

Robert Samuels studied Hung Gar Kung Fu for over 20 years under Chi-Ling Chiu and he has also studied with Sammo Hung in Hong Kong.

Grandmaster Ron Van Clief was the first African American to star in films in Hong Kong and he opened the door to the Hong Kong entertainment industry for others including Robert Samuels. Robert Samuels was the first African American actor to do films other than action films and he was the first to do an onscreen romantic scene.

When Robert Samuels was growing up, he watched a Shaw Brothers film called King Boxer of Five Fingers of Death. He was mesmerized by the film and was determined to work with those actors one day. His first successful film was with Lo Lieh, the actor that starred in King Boxer.

In the United States it was extremely difficult for Robert Samuels to audition against big names like Wesley Snipes, so he decided to travel to Hong Kong where it would be much easier to create his own brand as the only African American speaking fluent Chinese. In Hong Kong, Robert Samuels was introduced to Sammo Hung who signed him to his company, allowing him to live briefly in his home, which allowed Robert Samuels to work with the prolific Hong Kong actor, director and producer on numerous projects.

Roberts Samuels has also worked with Woo-Ping Yuen of the The Matrix Revisited and other well known Directors and Producers.

Vincent Lyn
Chinese, Yong means forever or always and Sheng means winning. Born to a Chinese father and a British mother, Master Vincent Lyn’s Chinese name is Yong Sheng. When asked whether he felt the pressure to excel in life, he smiled and said no. In reality, Vincent Lyn is like a Renaissance man and his diverse talents allow him to shine in several distinctive careers.

Vincent Lyn was an elite model for Levi’s, Valentino, Gucci, Puma, Adidas, and Yves Saint Laurent. He was also in demand in Asian action films. His first movie Tiger Cage was made by internationally acclaimed film director Yuen Woo Ping. Tiger Cage was a blockbuster and he subsequently acted in two dozens more movies including playing a lead villain who fought action movie superstar Jackie Chan in a climatic battle sequence of Operation Condor. Unlike some movie stars, Vincent did not get the roles just because of his looks. He started his martial arts journey at age 8, learning Tai Chi from his uncle and later mastered his family Kung Fu Ling (or Lyn) Gar (or family) style. Jackie Chan once called Vincent Lyn one of the best fighters he had ever worked with. You can see a compilation of his movie fighting scenes via a link here. Last November, Lyn was awarded the Fists of Legends “Hong Kong Legends Cinema Award” at the Urban Action Showcase Expo in New York.

In the world of sports and martial arts, Lyn has been versatile and successful in different capacities. Vincent was the 1983-1984 U.S. National Middleweight Kickboxing champion, and 1985 and 1987 World Kickboxing champion. In 1999 Lyn was inducted into the World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame for making outstanding contributions to the field of Sports Medicine and the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame in two categories: Grandmaster of the year and Best Martial Arts Actor of the year. In 2001 he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame. Since then, he has been honored over ten times in the Hall of Fame. He has been invited to teach martial art workshops in many countries. Lyn is an expert in corporate security, executive protection, threat assessment, air security, and other security domains and founded Pro-Force Security Corp based in New York City in 2003. In May this year, he taught 700 people Tai Chi and Ling Gar Kung Fu in a soccer stadium in Portugal.

Lyn can act. Lyn can fight. Lyn can also write. He has written numerous articles for Budo Magazine and authored seven instructional videos, which have been released in seven languages and distributed in 54 countries. He has been featured in books, magazine covers and has appeared in over 200 magazine and newspaper articles throughout the world. His first book The Ling Gar Legacy – Kung Fu in the Real World came out in 2009 with a foreword written by Yuen Woo Ping. Lyn collaborated on a comic book titled Kung Fu Star based on his stories as a film star. The first issue was released in 2010 as a monthly series in Budo Magazine and re-released internationally at the NYC Comic-Con in 2012.

In April 2007 Master Vincent was invited as a special guest to the first Martial Arts Olympics East-West Open in St. Petersburg, Russia. In the opening ceremony, he not only demonstrated his superb martial art skills in front of 20,000 spectators but also performed a piano solo, which surprised and dazzled the audience. While Vincent inherited martial arts from his paternal side, he was blessed with musical talent from his maternal side.

On Oct. 9, 2015 Vincent Lyn teamed up with Grammy Award-winning flutist Wouter Kellerman and other outstanding musicians to perform at Carnegie Hall. It was an exciting collaboration of music from around the world including New Age, World, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Afro-Cuban, and Contemporary Classical. Additionally, he will also perform Tai Chi sword onstage. Presently Vincent is also starring in two films both action sci-fi thrillers. “Beast” The Movie Directed by Robert Samuels and “When Dragons Awake” Written & Directed by Stacey Adams.

This year 2016 Vincent became an envoy with the United Nations in his humanitarian causes to rescue & recover children from being trafficked.

Whether its Acting in film, performing Music on the Carnegie Hall stage or performing Martial Arts around the world he shines at the highest level and it shows in his outstanding performances!